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Private Tour Advanced, Spring Waters

Private ATV Advanced, Spring Waters

5 Hours

Engage in this exhilarating ATV Adventure with our advanced private tour to the Spring Waters. This tour is designed for experienced ATV riders ready to test their skills as we head straight into the mountains. We will navigate through undulating dirt roads, cross rivers (check seasons), and pass through local Mexican communities, offering a glimpse into the authentic Mexico, secluded from the typical tourist areas.

Our journey will take us to a charming small town, located in the heart of the Sierra Madre Mountains. Here, we can make a stop to take photos and appreciate the beauty of the area. The adventure further continues as we make our way to the spring waters. Once there, you can savor traditional homemade Mexican food or rent a spring water pool for a relaxing dip amidst nature (not included).

This off-road adventure promises to leave you in awe: fun rides, breathtaking views and our commitment to providing a private, customized-service, will guarantee an unforgettable travel experience. Gear up for this exciting day trip and embrace the thrill of ATV Riding in the depths of Puerto Vallarta.

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Looking to see Puerto Vallarta as a local? Want to experience a private/customized tour that fits you and your family’s needs? We offer a range of options, from ATV excursions to surf lessons. Come see our mountains, trails, rivers, waterfalls, and virgin beaches!! Personalize your trip by deciding where you want to go, and how much time you want to spend with your family and friends, or for just a get away by yourself. It will be a trip you won’t forget!

It's mandatory for all drivers to carry a valid driver's license.

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